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Friday, February 17, 2006

Quotes of the Morning: The Trouble with Harry

“You know, there are still a few little items that come up regarding the tragic shooting of Harry Whittington.”

“The local prosecutor's office has not been contacted and would only get involved if there were an indication of criminal wrongdoing or the facts were in dispute, said District Attorney Carlos Valdez.”
-Associated Press, February 13, 2006

“Well, that shouldn’t be a problem. I mean, the whole reason that Katharine Armstrong was the one to tell the story instead of the White House was because she saw everything. There shouldn’t be any questions.”

“And Katherine suggested, and I agreed, that she would go make the announcement, that is that she'd put the story out. And I thought that made good sense for several reasons. First of all, she was an eye-witness. She'd seen the whole thing.
And so we were confident that Katherine was the right one, especially because she was an eye-witness and she could speak authoritatively on it. She probably knew better than I did what had happened since I'd only seen one piece of it.”
-Vice President ‘Dick’ Cheney, February 15, 2006

“Yep, she was right there to see what went on.”

“Armstrong said she was watching from a car while Cheney, Whittington and another hunter got out of the vehicle to shoot at a covey of quail.”
-Associated Press, February 12, 2006

“DICK: There were three of us who had gotten out of the vehicle and walked up on a covey of quail that had been pointed by the dogs. Covey is flushed, we've shot, and each of us got a bird. Harry couldn't find his, it had gone down in some deep cover, and so he went off to look for it. The other hunter and I then turned and walked about a hundred yards in another direction --
Q Away from him?
DICK: Away from him -- where another covey had been spotted by an outrider. I was on the far right --
Q There was just two of you then?
DICK: Just two of us at that point. The guide or outrider between us, and of course, there's this entourage behind us, all the cars and so forth that follow me around when I'm out there -- but bird flushed and went to my right, off to the west. I turned and shot at the bird, and at that second, saw Harry standing there. Didn't know he was there – “
-Interview with ‘Dick’ Cheney, February 15, 2006

“Um, does that mean that she was like 100 yards away? Did she really watch the accident?”

“Armstrong said she saw Cheney's security detail running toward the scene. ‘The first thing that crossed my mind was he had a heart problem,’ she told The Associated Press.”
-Associated Press, February 14, 2006

“Correct me if I’m wrong, but if she mistook all of the running around for a heart attack, I’d have to say that she really wasn’t an ‘eyewitness’ to the VP shooting a man in the face. If you’d seen that I’d think that it would stick in your mind. She was at least an eyewitness to the results of the shot”

"It broke the skin. It knocked him silly. But he was fine. He was talking. His eyes were open. It didn't get in his eyes or anything like that.
-Katharine Armstrong, February 12, 2006

“DICK: Well, I said, ‘Harry, I had no idea you were there.’ And --
Q What did he say?
DICK: He didn't respond. He was -- he was breathing, conscious at that point, but he didn't -- he was, I'm sure, stunned, obviously, still trying to figure out what had happened to him.”
-Interview with ‘Dick’ Cheney, February 15, 2006

“Well was he ok and talking or was he lying there in shock? I’m sure that once Mr. Wittington is finally taken out of the hospital (it has been a week now, including several days in ICU) he’ll clear this up and explain that Dick didn’t do anything wrong.”

“INTERVIEWER: Stig, I’ve been told Dinsdale Piranha nailed your head to the floor.
STIG: No, no. Never, never. He was a smashing bloke. He used to give his mother flowers and that. He was like a brother to me.
PRESENTER: But the police have film of Dinsdale actually nailing your head to the floor.
STIG: (pause) Oh yeah, well - he did that, yeah.
STIG: Well he had to, didn’t he? I mean, be fair, there was nothing else he could do. I mean, I had transgressed the unwritten law.
INTERVIEWER: What had you done?
STIG: Er… well he never told me that, but he gave me his word that it was the case, and that’s good enough for me with old Dinsy. I mean, he didn’t want to nail my head to the floor. I had to insist. He wanted to let me off. There’s nothing Dinsdale wouldn’t do for you..”
-Monty Python’s Flying Circus

“By the way, the title of the Quotes this morning comes from a classic Alfred Hitchcock film in which an old man believes that he has accidentally shot and killed another man with his gun while hunting, and immediately begins trying to hide the body. It’s a comedy, not a documentary.
Thanks to First Draft for helping me locate most of the Quotes this morning.
Next week: Quotes that don’t involve members of the Administration shooting people in the face.. I promise."



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