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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Finally.. Comics

Ok, I know I said that this blog was for comics too, so I'd better live up to that.

Observations on Comic Book Reality.

The basic assumption in comics is that the people there are pretty much like the people in the real world. Sure, they may mutate or somehow gain superhuman abilities, but Joe Blow on the street is pretty much like us, right?


See, there is evidence that much of what passes for 'human' in the comic world isn't. For instance:

Physiology: In the comic book world people are just plain tougher. Villians kill people all of the time, but have you ever noticed how few injuries there are? If people are hurt in the comic world they either have a minor scratch or two, are knocked into a temporary coma, or are dead. No one ever seems to end up with a broken finger or a fractured ulna. Nope. The one exception is the 'character' injuries, like losing an eye or getting a large facial scar, that usually become the signature 'look' of the character. This nearly never happens to 'normal' people, just the superhumans.

Part of the reason is probably the tougher skin that people have in the comic world. It doesn't cut or scar as easily as the skin of those of us in the 'real' world. Look at the breasts of women in comics. I'm pretty sure that if they didn't have much stronger skin than us their breasts would be around their knees, especially judging from the average size of them. Wow.

Look at Blue Beetle. He's an agile inventor, but is, in theory, normal. Years ago, during the Doomsday fiasco, Blue Beetle was thrown head first through a brich wall. The wall gave first. Sure he was hospitalized, but HE WENT THROUGH A BRICK WALL. In the real world he would have been tapioca.

Well.. Work summons. More on this later.


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