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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quotes of the Morning: Fuck Yeah!

“If President Bush and Vice President Cheney can blurt out vulgar language, then the government cannot punish broadcast television stations for broadcasting the same words in similarly fleeting contexts.
That, in essence, was the decision on Monday, when a federal appeals panel struck down the government policy that allows stations and networks to be fined if they broadcast shows containing obscene language.
Adopting an argument made by lawyers for NBC, the judges then cited examples in which Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney had used the same language that would be penalized under the policy. Mr. Bush was caught on videotape last July using a common vulgarity that the commission finds objectionable in a conversation with Prime Minister Tony Blair of Britain. Three years ago, Mr. Cheney was widely reported to have muttered an angry obscene version of ‘get lost’ to Senator Patrick Leahy on the floor of the United States Senate.”
-New York Times, June 4, 2007

“This is fantastic news, and thank you Fearless Leader and Deputy Fearless Leader for making it possible. Now when I read things like this..”

“The Bush administration made it harder Tuesday for non-permanent streams and nearby wetlands to be protected under the federal Clean Water Act.

The new guidance issued by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers requires that for such waters to be protected there must be a ‘significant nexus’ shown between the intermittent stream or wetland and a traditional waterway.
And the guidance says a determination will be made on a case-by-case basis, analyzing flow and other issues. Environmentalist argued that would negate the broader regional importance of many such waterways in the aggregate on water bodies downstream.”
-Associated Press, June 5, 2007

“The Bush administration is drastically scaling back efforts to measure global warming from space, just as the president tries to convince the world the U.S. is ready to take the lead in reducing greenhouse gases.”
-Associated Press, June 4, 2007

“..I can say ‘Fuck!’, and when I read this bit about Bush claiming that the missile defense system he wants to build is in order to save us from the guys who used box-cutters to make their one successful set of attacks on American soil I can ask, ‘What the fuck?’”

"As I've told President Putin, Russia is not our enemy. The enemy of a free society such as ours would be a radical, or extremists, or a rogue regime trying to blackmail the free world in order to promote its ideological objectives. And so my attitude on missile defense is, is that this is a purely — it's not my attitude, it's the truth — it's a purely defensive measure, aimed not at Russia, but at true threats."
-George ‘Dubya’ Bush, June 5, 2007

“But I need to remember that when I read things like this..”

“Sixteen American troops died in Iraq in the first three days of June, marking a bloody start to the month as the US military presses on with its crackdown on sectarian violence in Baghdad.
A total of 127 American troops died in May, the third worst total for US forces since the invasion of Iraq in March 2003. Fourteen of the latest deaths were reported on Sunday alone by the US military.
North of the capital, a suicide car bomber attacked a police convoy in volatile Diyala province, killing 10 people in a busy market area and wounding 30 others, the local police chief said.
Gunmen at a fake checkpoint near Diyala's provincial capital of Baquba sprayed two minibuses with bullets, killing five people, police said.
-Reuters, June 4, 2007

“…is that the ruling by the court was based on the idea that most of the uses of ‘fuck’ were unintentional and not truly obscene, as they were not meant in a sexual manner. So telling Fearless Leader to go fuck himself would still not be allowed.
Something to remember.”


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