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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Quotes of the Morning: Joementum

“As you may be aware, Senator Joe Lieberman, one time Democratic vice-presidential nominee and war-hawk supporter of Dubya’s, lost the Democratic election to run for Senator the other day. He is taking it with the grace and aplomb that one would expect from his distinguished history.”

“For his part, Lieberman, 64, vowed to wage an independent campaign to hold his seat regardless of pressure to drop out and endorse Democratic nominee Ned Lamont, 52.
‘My mind is made up,’ Lieberman said on NBC's ‘Today’ show. ‘I'm going forward. I'm going forward because I'm fed up with all the partisanship in Washington that stops us from getting anything done.’"
-Seattle Times, August 10, 2006

“Yes. What a wonderful idea. Lieberman can split the Democratic vote in Connecticut by running as a third party. That only makes sense. I mean, sure he was voted out in the primary election, but democracy isn’t about letting people vote for who leads them. It is about letting the people in power stay there. I mean, why not run as a third party since the voters obviously don’t know what is good for them?”

“For Republicans to be putting Ralph Nader on television in a paid ad, certainly might lead your average observer to be cynical.”
-Senator Joe Lieberman, October 2000

“A vote for Nader is a vote for Bush.”
-Senator Joe Lieberman, September 2000

“That was entirely different. That was about Republicans supporting the third party in order to split the Democrat vote. This is different. This is about a Senator deliberately running against his own party. The Republicans are not involved at all.”

“The attacks came in searing remarks from, among others, Ken Mehlman, the chairman of the Republican National Committee and Vice President Dick Cheney, who went so far as to suggest that the ouster of Mr. Lieberman might encourage ‘al Qaeda types.’
‘It’s an unfortunate development, I think, from the standpoint of the Democratic Party, to see a man like Lieberman pushed aside because of his willingness to support an aggressive posture in terms of our national security strategy,’ Mr. Cheney said in a telephone interview with news service reporters.
Mr. Cheney offered warm praise for Mr. Lieberman, who was his opponent for vice president in 2000, though he said he did not want his remarks to be construed as an endorsement of Mr. Lieberman.

He cast Mr. Lieberman’s loss in ominous terms, suggesting that it would hearten American terrorist enemies. Terrorists, he said, are ‘betting on the proposition that ultimately they can break the will of the American people in terms of our ability to stay in the fight and complete the task.’”
-New York Times, August 10, 2006

“Joe Lieberman: Good enough for the Republicans. Good enough for Dick Cheney.”


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