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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Quotes of the Morning: Bi Bi Barbie

“The iconic Barbie Doll has become another tool for promoting gender confusion among children. On the Barbie Web site, www.Barbie.com, there is a poll that asks children their age and sex. The age choices are 4-8, but as Bob Knight, Director of CWA’s Culture & Family Institute, notes children are given three options for their choice of gender.”
-Concerned Women for America, December 30, 2005

“Barbie is promoting gender confusion! You know, I think that Barbie promotes a lot of unhealthy things.. She promotes blatant consumerism (as shown by the Barbie Dream-Everything), unhealthy self-image in girls (that waist.. Those huge.. tracts of land), and an odd fixation towards men lacking genitalia (did Lorena Bobbit play with Barbies?), but gender confusion? I think that it would be difficult to be less certain of her gender. This is the Concerned Women for America though, and this is Bob Knight we’re talking about. And yes, it is that Bob Knight..”

“PHILLIPS: Bob, I'm going to let you have the final thought.
KNIGHT: OK. You know, when the Nazis moved into Austria in 1936...
SEDER: Oh, that's offensive, Bob, to raise Nazis.
KNIGHT: They immediately removed from the schools. You can read about it in...
PHILLIPS: Hold on, Sam. Let Bob make his point. Let Bob make his point. Go ahead, Bob.
KNIGHT: You can't even let me speak. Can you? You're so...
Maria Trapp wrote the story of the Trapp singers that's in ‘The Sound of Music,’ and she said she sent her kids to school after the Nazis took over. And they came home and said mama, we can't say the word Christmas anymore. It's now winter holiday.
think that ought to disturb people...
SEDER: Kyra, that's offensive.
KNIGHT: ...that we're moving toward that kind of attitude in this country.
SEDER: The Puritans also outlawed Christmas. The founding fathers of this country would fine you in Massachusetts if you celebrated Christmas in the beginning. So don't talk about Nazis, Bob. I think that's really inappropriate.
Why do you have to bring hate to this Christmas and holiday season? That's so sad, Bob.
KNIGHT: Well, let's go to the Soviet Union then too. They had grandfather frost.
Well, it's the truth. You ought to read the book yourself, and maybe you'll change your mind.
SEDER: It's just sad that you have to raise Nazis when you're talking about Christmas and the holiday season. And we all know that Christmas actually, Tannenbaum, it's a German holiday. Bob, I'm really, really disappointed in you.
KNIGHT: I'm sorry to disappoint you, but if you can't understand the force of history...
SEDER: To bring up Nazis, Bob.
KNIGHT: I'm not calling you a Nazi.
SEDER: Oh, who you calling Nazi? Who are you calling a Nazi, sir?
KNIGHT: I'm not.”
-CNN, “Live From..”, December 12, 2005

“It isn’t just Christmas and children’s toys that are in danger. The enemy (those evil secular homosexuals) are trying to corrupt our precious bodily fluids.”

“The world’s most famous coffee shop chain has begun a program called ‘The Way I See It,’ which is a collection of thoughts, opinions and expressions provided by notable figures that now appear on Starbucks coffee cups, according to the chain’s website.
But one particular quote -- #43 -- blatantly pushes the homosexual agenda. It’s by Armistead Maupin, who wrote ‘Tales of the City,’ a bestseller-turned-PBS drama advocating the homosexual lifestyle, and it reads:
‘My only regret about being gay is that I repressed it for so long. I surrendered my youth to the people I feared when I could have been out there loving someone. Don’t make that mistake yourself. Life’s too [expletive] short.’
Concerned Women for America, one of the nation’s leading conservative public policy organizations, is sounding the alarm about the cups after one of its employees received one when she purchased coffee from one of the stores.
Robert Knight, director of the organization’s Culture & Family Institute, noted that Starbucks is not alone in pushing the homosexual agenda.
‘There are active homosexual groups in most major corporations now and they do a shake down, where they say, ‘If you don’t promote our events, you’re exhibiting bigotry and hatred, and we’re going to let everybody know that and you’ll feel bad about yourself and maybe it will hurt your sales.’ I don’t think it has ever hurt a company’s sales. I think they just cave in all too easily,’ Knight said Aug. 8.
‘But Starbucks was promoting homosexuality about 10 years ago ... and a lot of conservative groups got together and said, ‘Why are you doing this?’ and I remember getting a letter back from them about 10 years ago saying, ‘Well, you know, we were doing it, but it was an oversight and we’re not doing it anymore,’’ he added. ‘And I noticed that over the years Starbucks was not among the corporate logos at the bottom of these ads sponsoring gay pride events -- until recently. They’ve started to creep back in.’”
-Baptist Press, August 12, 2005

“Oh sure, Knight looks like a lunatic if you dig too deep, but on the other hand, he also looks like a lunatic if you just listen to a little of him.”

"The agenda of the left is to make religion strictly private and pornography public, and the people behind this agenda, more often than not, are homosexual activists."
-Bob Knight, Concerned Women of America

“He’s also convinced that Harry Potter is proof that the secular homosexuals are promoting witchcraft, which leads me to one important question.. Why the heck does anyone listen to this lunatic, and why does he keep showing up on TV?”


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