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Friday, April 01, 2005

Quotes of the Morning

“Tom Delay apologized today for his actions in the Terry Schiavo case. ‘I was wrong to involve the family in what should have been a private and personal situation. Having removed my father from a ventilator years ago, I know how difficult that decision can be, and I am very sorry to have placed myself in the center of it.’”
-Washington Post, April 1, 2005

“A new Iraqi government was selected today amidst heavy debate in Baghdad, including all of the three major ethnic groups of the war-torn nation in what the French ambassador called, ‘An extremely hopeful sign for the future’. In keeping with George Bush’s earlier statements about autonomy for Iraq, the United States officially released a schedule for removal of troops from Iraq by the fall of 2006, stating that it was obvious that we were no longer needed.”
-New York Times, April 1, 2005

“Today, in a surprise announcement, Donald Rumsfeld announced that he would be stepping down. ‘I have spent a lot of years in government, and I am very proud of the work that I have accomplished, but I am not getting any younger, and it is time for me to spend some time with my family’, he said. George Bush, in a statement released one hour later, said, ‘We will miss Don and the guidance that he has shown our administration. He was a fabulous Secretary, and we will certainly miss the wit and intelligence that he brought to his post.’”
-LA Times, April 1, 2005

“We apologize for the lack of coverage today of the Michael Jackson case, but, with so much going on in the world, FOX News was unable to properly cover this celebrity story.”
-FOX News, April 1, 2005

“Ann Coulter today, speaking on CNN, said that she has ‘disagreements with liberals, but that doesn’t prevent me from having an intelligent, respectful debate with them. It is only though calm, reasoned debate that we can try to convince the other side of our point of view and convert them. Making this personal would only prolong the conflict and gain nothing. I like to think that I have made several liberals at least re-examine their stance and I am quite proud of that..”
-Salon, April 1, 2005

“The Vatican announced today that the Pope has been removed from the feeding tube that he has been connected to since returning to the hospital earlier this week. A spokesman for the Vatican stated that the pontiff stated that, ‘I will allow God to choose the hour in which I go. To allow machines to prolong life beyond its allotted span is to place man in the position of the Lord. I would no more accept a feeding tube at this point in my life than I would accept artificial birth control for the teaming millions of Africa. God bless.’”
-CNN, April 1, 2005


Blogger Mark said...

You are one funny dude.

I only wish the first and, even more so, the last were true.

7:11 AM  
Blogger Pope Impious XXIII said...

Thanks ya.. Thank ya very much.

4:16 AM  

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