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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Quotes of the Morning

“The legal battle over the life of Terri Schiavo may have ended, but a thick, fervent crowd remains in the makeshift encampment outside the Woodside Hospice House here . . .
‘No, we're not going to go home,’ said Bill Tierney, a young daughter at his side. ‘Terri is not dead until she's dead’ . . .
Mr. Tierney, a former military intelligence officer in Iraq who works as a translator and investigator for private companies, cried as he talked about watching the Schiavo spectacle on television and feeling the utter need to be at the hospice.”
-New York Times, March 28, 2005

“Who are these brave men and women who are never willing to say die (unless of course we are talking about the death penalty)? Well Mr. Tierney, mentioned above, has made a long and distinguished career out of being on the cutting edge of the truth. Unfortunately he has been on the wrong side of the cut.”

“Former weapons inspector Bill Tierney... said on the Sean Hannity radio show that we will be shocked with what we are going to find in Iraq. He has no doubt we will find huge amounts of what Iraq swears it does not have.
In addition, Tierney said that he has told our government where Hussein has hidden an underground uranium plant. Tierney said ‘I can drive there with my eyes shut.’”
-Sean Hannity Radio show, per the Free Republic, March 24, 2003

“Tierney's methods of ascertaining this location were rather unconventional. ‘I would ask God and just get a sense if something was valid or not, and then know if I needed to pursue it,’ he said. His assessments through prayer were then confirmed to him by a friend's clairvoyant dream, where he was able to find the location on a map. ‘Everything she said lined up. This place meets the criteria,’ Tierney said of a power generator plant near the Tigris River that he believes is actually a cover for a secret uranium facility.”
-Coast to Coast (radio program), February 14, 2003

“ROBERTSON: You’ve got a case and I wish you the best, but what about the situation over there? We’ve heard a defector say Saddam (Hussein) is going to use chemical weapons against our troops, that he’s going to open up everything he’s got. How do you read it, with what you’ve seen?
TIERNEY: He will use mustard gas against his own people. He did that in Halabja, as it is well known. He also did it in southern Iraq during the Intifada in 1991. I was an interrogator. I was talking to people coming across the border. I had numerous reports that this was occurring. We sent Arabic-speaking interrogators to a field hospital to help with the treatment of Iraqi civilians with chemical burns. Now the reason why this was not established is because there was technical intelligence, meaning that it was only hinted at. They didn’t confirm it. There is a longstanding bias against human intelligence and this is a very good example of that. Numerous reports said this was occurring, but other intelligence disciplines did not confirm it, so the assessment was it didn’t happen.
ROBERTSON: What about this time? In your opinion, is he (Saddam) hiding large quantities of Sarin VX?
ROBERTSON: Yes. No question?
TIERNEY: Oh, Yes. Sure. Yes. Like you said, it’s absurd, that Hans Blix is a fool and Mohammed El Baradei is a fraud. Okay?
ROBERTSON: You heard it here – "Hans Blix is a fool and El Baradei is a fraud?"
TIERNEY: Yeah. Look, I checked my fire when this first started, because I just wanted to see how things progressed, but there is a few things your viewers should know. Kofi Annan just despised the U.N. Special Commission. It was outside of the normal rules of the U.N. It was that people there were based on competency, not the areas of the world, and he is the one who helped with the demise of UNSCOM. He is the one who picked Hans Blix. If you wanted to pick someone who was sure to fail, yet do so with an air of legitimacy, you can’t pick a better person than Hans Blix.
ROBERTSON: "Sure to fail, but with an air of legitimacy?"
ROBERTSON: Incredible.
TIERNEY: Yeah. Well, look at this last report; it was just a joke. It should’ve been one sentence … ‘Mr. President, the government of Iraq has not fulfilled the obligation of resolution. That’s the end of the report. Thank you.’ That’s it. He hasn’t done it. So that’s all you need to say, but yet, he went into this long thing about there are hopeful signs here and a wink of the eye there, and it’s just ridiculous. It’s ridiculous.
-Christian Broadcasting Network, March 18, 2003

“It is a sad thing when the brain-dead are used for politics, but enough of Mr. Tierney. Today’s Quotes have been brought to you by Atrios at the ever-invaluable Eschaton.””


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