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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Revelations from Stasia

Today’s ‘Revelations from Stasia’

Upon being told that a quote I had just made was from Caddyshack

“I never saw Caddyshack”

Upon my asking how the (&$@! could you not have seen Caddyshack? It was a classic!

“I don’t know quotes from some of those old movies.”

Upon my asking how she could have missed one of the most quoted movies of all times.. Its one of the classics, like Blazing Saddles!

“I’ve never even heard of Blazing Saddles”

Upon my asking if she’d ever heard of Mel Brooks.

“Mel who? I’ve heard of Mel Gibson. I saw Braveheart. I liked that..”

I then sat down to resume sipping my vodka and geritol…


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